Dongguan Changqi Electronics Co.,LTD. is located on the east bank of Dongjiang River and is a historical and cultural city in Dongguan. It was incorporated on December 5, 2010. In the 9 years of the company's growth and development, we have always been the customer first, providing the best product and technical support and sound after-sales service. Our company mainly deals in R&D, production and sales, electronic products, wire and cable, plug, copper-clad aluminum (magnesium), tin-plated copper-clad aluminum (magnesium), silicone heating wire, carbon fiber heating wire and high temperature wire. Import and export of goods (pr...



Why copper clad aluminum wire is more popular ...

As a metal material, copper-clad aluminum is a material that will be used in the industrial field, especially for cable raw materials. It is more reliable than copper-clad aluminum as raw material than pure copper. Why are copper-clad aluminum products more popular than pure copper products? The per... 2019/8/13


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